who i am

I am a student at West Virginia University majoring in International Studies - East Asia and English,minoring in Chinese Studies and Native American Studies.

I am a photographer and a poet, in both the digital and the more traditional mediums.

I am a writer in the widest application of the term...aside from digital and conventional poetics, I maintain a personal blog and engage in a variety of academic writing. I have blogged and written professionally for several departments within my university, in addition to work engaged on a freelance basis.

I am currently working with digital essays, conventional poetry, blogging and other such pieces.

I am a student of languages, having studied Japanese in Hamamatsu, Japan and Mandarin Chinese in Suzhou, PRC.

I am an Advanced ESL Conversation instructor for a local branch of the national non-profit Literacy Volunteers,

for which I serve on their Board of Directors as Secretary and as Tutor Development Committee Chair.

I am active in WVU's Organization for Native American Interests (ONAI), as President and as Lead Singer with the ONAI Singers, a mixed style student teaching drum.


I am a blogger; I submit a wide range of pieces (opinion/travel/photography/recipes/reviews) on a freelance basis, on my own blog and for several WVU blogs.

I am interested in many things and enjoy pursuing things that catch my imagination (with varying degrees of success).

what interests me


Poetry/Creative Writing/Digital Poetics


Native American Studies

中文 + 日本語

Contemporary artistic media like anime, graffiti art, blogging and graphic novels

Culinary arts

DIY journals, exhibitions and publishing

Tea culture + wine culture


Modern Paganism